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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers only apply if you are using our recommended contractors. If you want to use your contractor or vendor, please click on the red tab at the bottom of this website.

Q: Is there a charge to use the Bogen List?

A: No. It is free to use.


Q: Is the purpose of the Bogen List to just recommend companies?

A: No. By constantly monitoring each company to make sure they are licensed and insured and by providing the legal guarantee in accordance with the dispute resolution section of this website, the Bogen List can reduce the chances of you being scammed. Also, the use of a trust account can provide greater protection.


Q: Does that mean the Bogen List will guarantee that we will never be scammed by any company provided on the list?

A: No. However, we believe we can significantly reduce your chance of becoming a victim of another Florida scam. If you are victimized by a company listed on the Bogen List, you will be provided with free legal counsel in accordance with the dispute resolution section of this website.


Q: Does it cost anything extra to get the three guarantees?

A: No, but in order to get the three guarantees, you must get an approval code from the Bogen List. No guarantees will be provided without an approval code.


Q: How does someone get an approval code?

A: You must submit your contract to the Bogen List. Upon receipt of your contract, the Bogen List will investigate to determine that the company is still licensed and insured. This process will take between 24 – 48 hours on business days. Once the determination is made that the company is licensed and insured, the Bogen List will issue you an approval code. Once you receive an approval code, you will be provided with the three guarantees stated on this website.


Q: Does the Bogen List guarantee that the vendors or contractors on the list are the best in the industry?

A: No. While the Bogen List will strive to provide the best companies, we cannot guarantee each company listed is the best.


Q: One of the three guarantees involves free legal representation. Does that mean if I have any problem, you will provide me with an attorney for free?

A: No. The free legal representation only applies to issues incurred with companies recommended by the Bogen List. Read the Dispute Resolution section of the website for the details.


Q: How can I recommend a company to be placed on the Bogen List or just make a suggestion?

A: Just send an e-mail directly to Mark Bogen at bogen2000@aol.com. He would appreciate hearing from you.