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The Bogen List does not make any warranties or guarantees, except when a customer receives an approval code from the Bogen List, the Bogen List guarantees that the vendor, contractor or provider is licensed and insured. No other guarantees or warranties exist. While there may be many different types of insurance a contractor may carry, the Bogen List guarantees that the vendor or contractor carries liability insurance. No other guarantee is made for any other type of insurance. If the customer fails to obtain an approval code, the Bogen List makes no guarantees, warranties or representations.

The Bogen List does not guarantee that the vendors or contractors are the best in the industry nor does the Bogen List guarantee that any vendors will not make any mistakes. The Bogen List does not make any guarantees unless an approval code is received by a customer and then the only guarantee is that the contractor or vendor is licensed and insured.

By using the Bogen List, each customer agrees that it will not hold the Bogen List responsible for any and all acts, failure to act or negligence that may occur to cause damage, injury or death by any contractor or vendor.

Each customer agrees and understands that the Bogen List, Inc., is a Florida Corporation.